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Mission of our company-production of natural live beer of various grades, preservation of traditional taste without addition of preservatives, dyes and amplifiers of taste.

We do not just care about the quality of our product, we care about the health of our customers. After all, only natural live beer, which has no chemical additives, contains useful substances that were known to our ancestors. Thanks to cooperation with the Danish company "Holvrieka" in 2013 we modernized production lines and use the latest European equipment and raw materials of the highest quality. One of the most modern laboratories in Russia was built from the ground up, carrying out a full cycle of control of raw materials and materials and products. In 2016 a new cooking shop ZIEMANN, Germany was built. For more than 114 years "Kropotkin brewery" is a unique producer of delicious live beer in Russia, without the addition of artificial additives and preservatives. We combined traditional recipes of our ancestors with high-quality raw materials. Due to this fact, we have 13 varieties of high-class beer in our Arsenal. For the production of beer using European malt produced in Germany, Finland and the Czech Republic; fragrant hops made in Germany; high-quality water extracted from its own artesian well depth of 520 meters. Due to its quality and unsurpassed taste, "Crop beer" is gaining more and more fans. What does the dynamically developing network of firm shops and trading houses in Krasnodar Krai, the black sea coast, and also in Nizhny Novgorod, Salekhard, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Penza and other regions of Russia and abroad speak about?

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Khomenkov Mikhail

114 years of history of Kropotkin's beer

Kropotkinsky brewery was founded by German brewers in 1908. Then it was called Eastern Bavaria. This is the root of the company's faith - production of natural "live" beer according to the best traditions of brewing.

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